Terms / Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our policies constitute the framework for maintaining a workable relationship with our customers. These guidelines are not intended to make things complicated for a dissatisfied customer. Naturally we will do our best to make sure that our customers are not only happy with their YUMIKO piece(s) but also satisfied with the service behind it. In order for us to practice a sustainable system of dealing with any problems you may have with your order, we ask that you adhere to the following. If this is not possible, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss an alternate course of action.

Advance Payments & Charges

As you are purchasing “made to order” items of your personal preference, we must collect a deposit for the full amount of your order and your item(s) are non-refundable. You agree in our "Terms and Conditions" to allow us up to twelve weeks to deliver your product. If we are unable to deliver your product after twelve weeks, you are entitled to request a refund of the charged amount; at that time, we will supply a refund, provide a new date, and you will authorize us to charge your credit card again when your item is ready to ship.

Rush Orders

In some cases YUMIKO can offer a RUSH ORDER service or an additional charge. Please contact your region's Help Desk PRIOR to placing your order.

USA: helpdesk@yumiko.com
Japan: helpdeskjapan@yumiko.com
Europe: helpdeskeurope@yumiko.com

Returns, Exchanges, and Cancellations

Please see our Returns and Exchanges page for details.

Special Requests

YUMIKO reserves the right to decline any special order based on color combination or design adjustment that is unrepresentative of our label. If your order has been dismissed you will be notified promptly to discuss a suitable alternative.

YUMIKO does not guarantee any special requests or alterations made outside of what is regularly offered, or what is considered a normal adjustment.

Back-Ordered Items

If for any reason we are unable to fill your order due to the unavailability of material, we will contact you directly to discuss appropriate recourse.


Private agreements made with the different representatives worldwide cause pricing to sometimes vary regionally. YUMIKO reserves the right to make adjustments in prices. Customers will be advised of changes in the printed price before any order is confirmed.

Retail prices are set in agreements with YUMIKO. Retailers and Representatives may not change the retail price without first having written approval from YUMIKO.

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy page for details.

Delivery and Shipping

Please see our Delivery and Shipping page for details.

Fabric & Color

Due to the countless variations possible, YUMIKO does not guarantee that the colors/fabrics chosen to combine will not bleed or discolor. Combinations of very light colors with darker ones are particularly susceptible to running and discoloration. We do not refund or exchange any pieces affected in this way. Our suggestion is to follow the Fabric care and any special instructions or notes.

Fabric care: Hand wash only in cold water. Use very mild detergent. Do not iron. Do not use dryer- lay flat to dry.
Do not wear for long periods of intense exertion as high levels of body acid or Alkaline combined with warm body temperatures may have adverse effects and may cause discoloration or colors to run or bleed.


Our sizing chart is general and is based on the fact that we typically cater primarily to semi-professional and professional dancers. All YUMIKO models have been specifically designed for the dancer's body and therefore may fit other shapes improperly. Not every model is meant for every body type. However, because most of the fabrics that we use do stretch generously and can even account for a size up to 30% larger than what is listed on our chart, there is a lot of give in the fit. Provided that you follow the size chart, YUMIKO pieces can fit many body types.